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2020 CEBL Actual Award Winners vs Terrible Predictions

With this quick break in basketball within North America, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back and compare our terrible 2020 CEBL award winner predictions and compare their stats to the actual winners of the awards. To be fair, we did make these predictions before the nominees were even released.

(Spolier alert, we went 1 for 5 in our picks …)

CEBL Expanded Metrics

We already covered off the basic metrics that the CEBL tracks, now we will get into the expanded metrics. Note that we have not labeled these as advanced metrics as the league is so new that this data simply isn’t available yet. Fingers crossed we get to the point in…

CEBL Basic Metrics

When you think basic metrics, we think what are the top handful or two of metrics that when you have a quick 5 minutes to analyze a player’s performance this will give you a coles notes summary of how they performed within that game/season. Most of the metrics across the…