Canada Basketball Analytics

FIBA Basic Metrics

When you think basic metrics, we think what are the top handful or two of metrics that when you have a quick 5 minutes to analyze a player’s performance this will give you a coles notes summary of how they performed within that game/season. Most of the metrics across the board are pretty consistent when you look at all of the different basketball leagues across the world, here are what we consider the basic metrics within the FIBA.

MINS (Minutes Played): The number of minutes played by a player or team

PTS (Points): The number of points scored

FG% (Field Goal Percentage): The percentage of field goal attempts that a player makes

Calculation: Field Goals Made / Field Goals Attempted

3P% (3 Point Field Goal Percentage): The percentage of 3 point field goal attempts that a player makes

Calculation: 3 Pointers Made / 3 Pointers Attempted

FT% (Free Throw Percentage): The percentage of free throw attempts that a player or team has made

Calculation: Free throws made / Free throws attempted

REB (Rebounds): The number of total rebounds a player or team has collected on either offense or defense

AST (Assists): The number of assists – passes that lead directly to a made basket by a player

TO (Turnovers): The number of turnovers a player has (a turnover occurs when a player or team on offense loses the ball to the defense)

STL (Steals): The number of times a defensive player or team takes the ball from a player on offense, causing a turnover

BLK (Blocks): A block occurs when an offensive player attempts a shot, and the defense player tips the ball, blocking their chance to score

PF (Personal Fouls): The number of personal fouls a player or team committed