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2020 CEBL Actual Award Winners vs Terrible Predictions

With this quick break in basketball within North America, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back and compare our terrible 2020 CEBL award winner predictions and compare their stats to the actual winners of the awards. To be fair, we did make these predictions before the nominees were even released.

(Spoiler alert, we went 1 for 5 in our picks …)

To gather the data behind all of the award winners we pulled the stats from each individual team’s statistics page and combined them into one dataset.

For the players league ranking, we’ve excluded anyone who did not play at least 4 games during the 6 game mini-season.

Player of the Year

Predicted: Xavier Moon

Actual: Xavier Moon

In the words of Borat “Great Success!”

StatPer GameLeague Ranking
(Top 10 Only)
Games Played8
PTS (Points)19.52nd
REB (Rebounds)4
AST (Assists)4.51st
BLK (Blocks)0.6
STL (Steals)1.85th
FG% (Field Goal Percentage)52.2%
3P% (3 Point Field Goal Percentage)50%5th
FT% (Free Throw Percentage)86.4%

Canadian Player of the Year

Predicted: Trae Bell – Haynes

Actual: Jordan Baker

We weren’t too far off, we were originally torn between the two, Trae ended up being our choice as we had Jordan as our Defensive Player of the Year and felt bad giving him both awards and leaving someone out.

Per Game
League Ranking
(Top 10 Only)
League Ranking
(Top 10 Only)
Games Played68
PTS (Points)16.23rd12.3
REB (Rebounds)3.39.41st
AST (Assists)4.22nd3.85th
BLK (Blocks)0.20.88th
STL (Steals)1.56th1.3
FG% (Field Goal Percentage)52.5%56.7%6th
3P% (3 Point Field Goal Percentage)31.3%38.5%
FT% (Free Throw Percentage)88.2%7th73.9%

Defensive Player of the Year

Predicted: Jordan Baker

Actual: Briante Weber

We didn’t even have Briante as the runner up for our initial prediction, which shows that we should have spent more time watching CEBL over the past summer than spending the time getting this website up and running.

Per Game
League Ranking
(Top 10 Only)
Per Game
League Ranking
(Top 10 Only)
Games Played88
PTS (Points)12.312.4
REB (Rebounds)9.41st5.4
AST (Assists)3.85th4.13rd
BLK (Blocks)0.88th0.4
STL (Steals)1.32.52nd
FG% (Field Goal Percentage)56.7%6th48.1%
3P% (3 Point Field Goal Percentage)38.5%23.1%
FT% (Free Throw Percentage)73.9%69.2%

U Sports Player of the Year

Predicted: Rashawn Browne

Actual: Lloyd Pandi

Lloyd was actually the runner up in our books, so we don’t feel too bad with this pick, as previously mentioned we might have gotten this one correct if we actually watched more CEBL this past season.

Per Game
League Ranking
(Top 10 Only)
Per Game
League Ranking
(Top 10 Only)
Games Played66
PTS (Points)8.58.3
REB (Rebounds)3.25.3
AST (Assists)3.57th1.3
BLK (Blocks)0.20.5
STL (Steals)1.21.3
FG% (Field Goal Percentage)40.5%48.6%
3P% (3 Point Field Goal Percentage)31.6%0%
FT% (Free Throw Percentage)83.3%57.1%

Coach of the Year

Predicted: Kyle Julius of the Fraser Valley Bandits (2nd place with a 4-2 regular season record)

Actual: Jermaine Small of the Edmonton Stingers (1st place with a 5-1 regular season record)

This one kind of confuses the heck outta me but we still got it wrong. Not only did first-year head coach Kyle not win Coach of the Year, but he also didn’t even get nominated for the second-place finish, the other two coaches were Ryan Schmidt (3-3 for Hamilton), and Osvaldo Jeanty (3-3 for Ottawa).

If you are curious about the definitions of any of the above metrics, check out our Metrics page which goes into more detail around the CEBL and the metrics they track over the course of a season.